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December 2015 Canard Forum Newsletter

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To any and all who are now checking in to see the progress: this test was completed last month. We used some basic calculations for the static load test. Using a 60 degree bank turn with a max gross weight of 1,200LBS. This gives us 3,000LBS divided by 2.5 G's for a total of 1,200LBS for each wings.

The test was only applied to the wings, notice the spacing
next to the fuslage and the sandbags. By doing so, we've added an arm of leverage to the true weight the wings/spar can handle. This gives me more confidence with the overall structure. The deflection total is no more than seven inches. The next test will have to be completed live. This is dynamic loading through simple runway hops, to touch n'goes, and finally completing a steady decent with a full power attempting to create a true Vne speed.

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