The Beginning

The Beginning

My brother's dream! In 1978 my brother had a photo of a varieze aircraft designed by Burt Rutan.
I fell in love with this airplane along with my brother...

two years ago this spring he passed away!

At the age of 50

I'm 44 now and feel that its time to make a mad dash for my dreams, seeing how young we can be and see how our dreams can sometimes never be achieved!

Well... Here WE GO
I invite you to join me in the adventure...

Feel free to contact me at any time to inquire about.. well anything: costs, tech, etc. The only thing that I will not give data on will be any R&D that has gone into my design, due to the EXPERIMENTAL nature of the airplane.

Varieze This is the Varieze, the original plane I am working from.

Long EZ

This is a Long EZ. My design is a blend of both of these designs.

Stay Tuned For More Details and Photos!!!!

Have A Happy New Year!!!!